A Little About Me

As a kid, I learned HTML through a kid's browser game. Nothing serious, really...

until 10 year old me picked up a VB6 book from the library...

I am located in Montreal. I have traveled to a few places like Asia and Europe, and would love to see more than the island I have been confined in my whole life. Despite it all, I truly love the view my city offers, which you might see in my Photography dedicated webpage.

My main occupation is making websites. I mainly work on PHP and a lot of the new, "buzzy" Javascript Frameworks that the web has in store for us now. I've set up a few websites, and can very well do more, should the opportunity open up.

Oh, I also do play music. Gospel to be precise. I go to church often, so it can be hard to get by me.

My Skills

Have a look at what I can do in a broad picture.


PHP/Laravel, Java, Node.js


React, Vue.js, Angular, TypeScript/ES6.


Debian/Ubuntu, AWS.


Street,Event,Portrait... Check my IG? :)


I worked in a few projects. Here are a few.

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Montreal, Quebec (Canada)
Benjamin Lofo

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